Choose Adventure

by Scholar

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released November 12, 2013

Recorded at Redbooth Recording ( with Brian Moore, 2011-2013. All songs written and performed by Scholar and/or hired and much-more-talented Orangutans. Cute ones.



all rights reserved


Scholar Rochester, New York

We're Scholar -- a band from Rochester, NY.

Our debut album, "Choose Adventure" is available now!

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Track Name: Locke Syndrome
Can’t you see you lost your faith, when you turned around and walked away? Like you’ve lived every single day-- beaten, bloodied, thrown away. But now it’s time to face the change and let go of your broken ways. Escape the dark. You have a purpose. Rise up from your fate. It’s time to stop these demons now. You’ll be running away while I’m chasing them down. You know I need this place. When the world around us is erased, we can keep this. Now that I’m here I can tell you, I’m never going home. Well, I can see you’ve gone insane. You lived your whole life in vain. Caught up in your day to day, and now it’s lost and gone away. So it’s time to face the strange, free from all your broken ways. Find the spark. Leave your mark. It’s time to change your fate. They think I’m crazy, I want to stay. They think I’m crazy, I’m not afraid. Stop this Armageddon coming down! Now that I’m here I can tell you, I’m never coming home. Now that we’re here I can tell you, we’re never going home.
Track Name: Fray
I’m confining myself here, between his pleasure and her pain. Destroying all in confidence and watch them as they fray. Because I promised myself I wouldn’t follow you here. Who needs hope or hate when you have everything but fear? Brush this off my shoulders and I’m gone-- watch me walk into the sunset. Because I promised myself I wouldn’t follow you here-- now I’m picking up your defects. Don’t tag along, just crawl away, and stay on guard because they’re not too far from taking us down with them. Take a stand for yourself. You already left that place behind you. Take a stand for yourself. These bitter times they will remind you. Brush this off my shoulders, I’m done. Brush this off my shoulders, I’m gone.
Track Name: The Rift
I should have never told you that I was burning for you. Call this off, take the whole thing back. Make this before I said that. I thought you’d feel the same way. I wish I’d never been so foolish. Was it all just in my head? Did I mean what I just said? Well, I’m sorry. Please don’t be ashamed that you don’t feel the same. I will look before I leap the next time. Baby, let’s pretend that I never said anything. Oh my dear, don’t you fear. This is not my first time and it won’t be my last. When I see something clear, I grip the wheel and steer until I become a shield that can accept rejection. I can accept the things you say when you turn me away. Better luck, I know there will be a next time. It’s how “love” just became “nice to know you.” And I’m sorry, you don’t feel the same. Maybe one fine day… until then I will be gone. I can be your friend, but I can’t be your dog. I will be moving on. Moving on.
Track Name: Do Your Best to Fly, Kid
Some things can turn back time like a fortune’s glory-- faded but underlined. Take a step back, look inside, and see that all things change with time. Words like upset taste like shame to you. Just do your best to fly, kid. Live your life in stride, you’re not alone. Just know you’ll always have a home. Just know that you can find it. That strength deep inside that you have never known. Convince yourself to save yourself before that fleeting light tangles you up. Forgetting pleasure, purpose and pain is detrimental to this game. Words like caution taste like shame to you. Convince yourself to save yourself before the fleeting lights abandon you.
Track Name: It'd Be Easier to Believe You (If Your Pants Weren't on Fire)
A soul exists in everyone, some are lost and far removed. They hate and lie, judge and wonder why they’re victims of a single point of view. You can't bring me down. You can't leave me broken hearted with your jaded eyes. You can't break my pride. You can't touch the soul inside me with your worldly lies. So what controls an unbound soul full of limitless virtues? A book, a spouse, song or party-line-- they believe their lies and dictate golden rules. I know you feel afraid, confused, guilty and ashamed. We all need. Don't feel betrayed. Anchored to an early grave? Break those chains and swim away. It's not too late.
Track Name: Makeshift
Sitting here on top of all the things that I could never say to you. Find your way around the bend, pretending life’s a drag. Save face and cut it off. Asleep while walking, I know you’re hiding something from me or is it just in my mind? Your makeshift tidal wave of lies. Because you know there are answers waiting for your time, for your mind. We could spend our whole lives writing the same old songs and fighting the same old crowds and waiting for the end to come. There’s a girl at home, slipping in blood. Words don’t describe shit to me. Asleep while walking, I know you’re hiding something from me or is it just in my mind? Your makeshift tidal wave of lies. Because you know there are some things that are meant to die, here inside of your mind. And now your will and pride have died. Justify, the world at night. Complications make it easier. Justify, the world at night. Complications make it easier right now.
Track Name: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You
So, what’s your story? There’s only one sunrise in morning. Just grab yourself and shake like hell. You’ll realize you can’t repair all the things you’ve never seen, and all of the things that we came out to be. There’s no shame on me. Don’t hold back. Because there’s no time left for second chances. And all the times you’ve looked at me, I was frozen in time and I couldn’t speak. This time I won’t wait, so make up your mind. So, what’s your story? Just be a sport and lie to me. I’ll tell you where you are, if you tell me who you are. All I know is that I wish I knew how to quit you. Close my eyes before bed and you’re all I see. I wake up in the morning, you’re my only dream. I want a perfect life, I want to share your name. I want to sing as you’re lying next to me. Come on grab a ticket, we could board a plane. We’ll leave the past behind us and we’ll fly away. Clocks are always ticking, because we cannot stay. Grab my hand and listen, I will find a way. How long will you wait? I wish I knew how to quit you.
Track Name: Run Home, Jack (Featuring Ian McLean of Darkhorse)
Time stands still when I’m talking to you about all the things that we have all been through. Like how these days people fake their smiles, live within denial and lose their inner-child. Lead me down, lead me anywhere but out. I’m not giving up, giving up on anything. When you need me know I’ll be nowhere to be found, because I’ve given up. I’m giving up on faith. All breath is lost as you wander the room past the dark, the hated, senseless, and the doomed. You reached your hand out and they gripped it tight. Then you ripped the shades to let in all the light. Give me strength, we need everyone to lead. We’re not giving up, giving up on anything. Stand up straight. We can’t leave this up to fate. What’s here was always meant for us to take. When all seems lost and never to be found, the happy thoughts we hold on tight to help us guide the way back home. The storm leaves soon, but I won’t stay. We’ll walk waist deep until the levees break. We’d rather fight for air amongst the waves than float away and have our colors fade.
Track Name: A Hot Dog for Your Buns
Strange, your eyes, they come around again to haunt me. With delicates unwinding now, free from all words that fill your mouth. Unbound to anything that keeps you grounded. Where's the shame in that? I'll be dead and gone before I have the courage to fall apart. And this house of memories is burning down and there's no way to put it out. Take these soiled images and create an unbound space in between the place where you left yourself for dead, the last place that I've left in my head. Recent changing, life's re-arranging. I'm afraid you won't come back again to see the other side of this, old friend.
Track Name: No, Yes... No
Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of myself. I wasn’t sure if I was broken, remembering all the unspoken lies. Relieved, that the pressure is much calmer now. But I just can’t bring myself to care at all about the ways I’ve let you down. One more day to try and clean this mess up. The only thing I’ll never do is the only thing you just want me to do-- retreat. This time I’ve found a way to reach all the things I’m hiding from me, the detailed plans of revenge and deceit. And through my eyes you finally fall apart. Time, a statement under weight, through and through until change is claimed. My eyes will make you fall apart. Because I won’t start to breathe until the pain it overcomes me. Because my eyes will make you fall apart. Indecision clouds your vision. Because my eyes will make you fall apart.